Tishomingo Bingo



This book is actually not about bingo; it is an account of the life death and resurrection of Theo son of Mann.

Theo’s mother Mary Jane Sullivan is visited and overpowered by the Holy Spirit. Joe Mann contacted by an Angel in a dream later marries Mary Jane thus Theo’s sir name “of Mann.” Theo the son of Mann grows up in rural Mississippi and is baptized by his cousin Jonnie Waters who comes from the union of Zach and Betty (Elizabeth) Waters by the announcement of an Angel. As Theo emerges from his baptism, the Holy Spirit descends on him and the voice of God proclaims, “This is my beloved son.”

Tishomingo Bingo puts in the modern-day language and location the events that have had global consequences since the original version was recorded in the Gospels 2000 years ago.

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