The Adventures of Leslie Binnacle the Barnacle


Through The Adventures of Leslie Binnacle the Barnacle, the story of Leslie and friends helps us understand the complexities of life large and teeny in our Great Big Global Ocean.

Additionally, Leslie teaches us the true value of companionship, of caring for each other, and of taking responsibility for others and our Ocean. Through Leslie we learn that acorn barnacles are hermaphroditic and that they mate to produce thousands of free-swimming larvae that go through several stages before making it to their end form as a sessile adult. We learn that those millions of barnacle larva have a critically important role near the base of the food pyramid. We learn how difficult it is for a larva barnacle to even make it to adulthood. And then, when a sessile, firmly attached adult, the encrusting barnacle that is the bane of so many ship and boat owners, we learn that life’s perils just begin.

Through Leslie and friends, we learn that even the least among us can do our part to care for Planet Earth’s greatest feature, Our Ocean.

We hope you will enjoy learning about our Great Global Ocean through the adventures of Leslie and her friends.



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