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Teresa Kassing

Teresa Kassing a hippie by heart, replanted in Georgia but born and raised in The Midwest. Daughter of a wonderful Mom and a Daddy's girl who is watching from heaven. A sister to three older brothers with beautiful families of their own. Also nieces, nephews, and cousins galore! A Mom of four and grandma of two. Teresa started doodling as a hobby, to relieve stress and just for personal enjoyment. Her doodle characters have become extended family and all have a personal memory. Teresa truly believes that she is where she is because of the Lord, her doodles, and the love of her family and friends…. Especially her mom and special person Charles.

Lil Island Prayers

This is a little book of prayers for children to celebrate and cherish the simple wonders of beaches and islands. The doodles in it capture the beauty and joy that dance in a child's eyes as they breathe the fresh salt air, hear the gentle waves, and feel the sun warm their faces. These happy doodles are dances of gratitude for God's timeless creations.

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