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... on Tybee Island

Mischele Miller

"Gigi" Viola Mischele Miller is grateful she spent her childhood in St. Augustine, a beautiful city on the coast of Florida. She spent much of her time at her grandmother's beach house in Treasure Beach. A favorite pastime was to watch for whales and dolphins with binoculars from the deck and stargaze at night. This was the beginning of her love affair with whales and dolphins. She invites you to begin your own love affair with right whales and all the wonderful animals living in our oceans. 

Mischele has loved writing since she was a little girl and likes to write short stories, plays, and poetry. She runs a non-profit organization, Riley the Right Whale Foundation and currently works as a substitute teacher at the local high schools.  She is a Flagler College alumna, has taught Language Arts/Reading (6-12th) for 5 years and worked many years as a case manager. When time permits, she enjoys doing stand-up comedy, photography and spending time at the beach, her favorite place to be. She was inspired to write by her stepfather, William Freeman, who is himself a published author of several books.

Riley, the Right Whale

Follow the journey of Riley, a baby North Atlantic Right Whale, as he tries to find help to save his mother who has gotten herself entangled in ropes and nets. If he doesn’t find help soon, his momma might die because she cannot get to the surface easily to breath with all the ropes and nets holding her down.

Riley has no choice but to depend on the help of strangers to save his mother and he is very scared and feels so helpless. What will Riley do? What will happen to his momma?

Meet Riley and join him on his journey as he finds help and discovers the courage to keep moving forward no matter what. The boy, Kyle, learns that even he, a little boy, can be a hero to our great North Atlantic Right Whales, who are literally on the brink of extinction. 

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