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Jeff Sakas

Jeff Sakas is an experienced attorney having practiced law in Georgia for 47 years. He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in the Portsmouth Naval Hospital because his father was serving in the Navy. Sakas did not grow up in any particular place as a result of his father’s military service. The family lived up and down the East Coast from Florida to Rhode Island, except for a two-year stint in Kentucky, until he was 13 years old. While living in Kentucky, Jeff felt the call of Christ on his life and became a Christian, and he has always felt the presence of Jesus since his conversion. After his father retired from the Navy the family moved to Tennessee and Jeff graduated from West End High School in Nashville. Jeff played college baseball and was active in student government at Middle Tennessee State University. After college Sakas studied law at Tulane University and after his freshman year had an internship in Washington DC in the office of Senator Edmund Muskie.

Sakas started practicing law in Atlanta, Georgia in 1973. For the last 45 years Jeff has also been a Sunday school teacher, teaching the Bible to adults as well as children. He brings a long experience of dealing with individuals and business problems for his clients from a Christian perspective. Because of this experience Jeff became aware of a spiritual warfare that goes on constantly in the lives of believers that impacts the lives of all who have a spiritual awareness. He believes, “Greater is HE (Christ) that is in me, than he who is in the world”. Sakas writes from this perspective in explaining his most intimate relationships, court cases that he has handled and his perspective concerning the world in which we live.

Damascus Road Experience

Each of us is destined to have a Damascus Road experience at some point in our lives.Perhaps none of us will have as dramatic an experience as the apostle Paul detailed in the 9th chapter of the book of Acts in the New Testament. A 180-degree change in direction was required in order to cause Paul to change from one of the persecutors of Christians to become perhaps the greatest spokesman for Christianity and one of the contributors to the proliferation of what we now recognize as the western civilization.Jeff Sakas was a trial attorney in Atlanta for 47 years and a Bible teacher for almost 50 years. Sakas believes that the writing of this book required the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to understand the words of Jesus. Jeff Sakas is committed to the leadership of God as manifested by the words of Jesus as enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

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