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About Maudlin Pond Press

We are a team of passionate readers and writers with a heart to pay it forward. We do this in the books we read and the books we publish. We take our name from a tiny freshwater pond in a patch of maritime forest on Tybee Island, Georgia. When you visit Maudlin Pond, you leave refreshed. You leave fortified. Our logo is the Little Green Heron, an exquisite and patient bird that makes Maudlin Pond its home. He fishes (really fishes) in its shallows and nests in its trees. It’s clearly his comfort zone. We want Maudlin Pond Press to be your comfort zone, a friendly space with integrity in how we treat our readers and our writers. We want your experience to be as refreshing as a quiet afternoon with a book next to a quiet pond.

History of Maudlin Pond Press

Back Story of the Formation of Maudlin Pond Press, LLC

Long, long ago and far, far away on a floating continent broken off from Pangaea, ice caps on the global poles grew during the Wisconsin Ice Age, the last known ice age on the continent, causing the global ocean to recede. 

Daily tides, influenced by the planet’s moon and sun, pushed up sand to create a small archipelago of fourteen islands off the southeastern coast of what is presently known as the continent of North America. The northernmost of those small islands was one of the smallest in that curved archipelago. 

Several decades later, plants colonized the tiny island stabilizing it. Several centuries after that large land mammals and other animals found their way to the tiny island including humans. The early human inhabitants called their island Tybee, which in their language meant Salt. 

A few more millennia later, humans from many tribes all over the globe began populating the island and eventually set up restaurants and places to buy beer. The beach became a popular place for them to lay in the sun to tan their hides. 

Over time the people that frequented the island grew to cherish it becoming more in tune with their environment and decided they should work to protect Tybee Island because it is a beautiful island full of wonderful natural treasures that are the inspiration for literary content. 

In one particular location on Tybee Island, a tiny freshwater pond formed that typifies the wonder and beauty of Tybee Island. That pond, Maudlin Pond, with its annual nest of Little Green Herons, inspired a group of friends to form a literary development company to create and publish literary works. 

On April Fools’ Day 2020 Maudlin Pond Press, LLC officially came into existence.

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